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2018 food packaging and printing companies need to master the general trend
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Our lifestyle is being transformed by business innovations like never before. This includes not only the way we get information, the way we work socially, but also the food we eat every day. Open in the office of the salad shop, a variety of NFC juice and Greek yogurt, avocado and nuts... In the new wave of anti-industrial food production, the pursuit of natural, healthy, green, convenient, localized food A new direction.

A variety of food startups are bringing new food experiences from ingredients, tastes, food packaging and processing technologies. In the past two years, almost all food packaging and printing companies around the world have been striving to create a natural and healthy image, and to quickly update their product range through the acquisition of innovative food packaging printing companies. What dietary trends will they create next? We have summarized five trends.

One: The snack market and food packaging market will continue to explode

According to data from market research firm NPD, Americans are now reducing their scores for three meals a day, instead they are increasingly eating snacks.

Michele Buck, the new CEO of Hershey who just took office in March this year, believes that this provides an opportunity for the good times, as the company is already laying out a diversified product line. In 2015 and 2016, Hershey acquired the meat zero food brand Krave and another healthy zero food brand BarkTHINS. In November of this year, Mars, one of Hershey's competitors, bought a $4 billion health energy bar producer.


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