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Flexo production principle and production parameter development process and precautions
Join Date:  2019-05-16

As a kind of printing technology with green environmental protection advantages, flexo printing has been highly praised by the industry. It is widely used in the packaging and printing fields in developed countries and regions such as Europe and America. At present, in China, flexo printing has been widely used in the packaging of paper products such as corrugated boxes, but the application in the field of flexible packaging is still further promoted, mainly because the printing quality has not yet reached the expectations of brands and consumers, and high performance. Flexographic plates and flexographic plates have laid the foundation for the popularization of flexo printing on flexible packaging.

At present, there are more and more printing companies that want to make their own plates. There are more and more plate-making enterprises that hope to get resources to achieve transformation and upgrading. During this time, they have received many emails and telephones for consulting technical problems, but found that most of the plate-making companies have There are misunderstandings in the production principle, let alone the secondary transformation and upgrading of the process.

Thanks to the care of the Flexographic Association, we have taken this opportunity to make a more comprehensive explanation of the plate-making process through the accumulated production experience of these years and the experience gained from exchanges with major plate companies. It is expected to be used as a reference for beginners. Some of the materials in this article are from Dupont, Flint, AsahiKASEI, MacDermid, Winbond and other companies. I have added some detailed notes on the production process and principles. Please correct me if you have any mistakes.


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