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India packaging and printing industry has become a potential market for international attention
Join Date:  2019-05-16

For the Indian market, domestic views tend to be polarized. Most people think that India's infrastructure is backward, people's living standards are low, and the market prospects are not good. But in fact, India has become the darling of international capital in recent years, and India's printing and packaging market has considerable potential.

Due to India's inadequate infrastructure, low safety standards and lack of adequate refrigerated conditions, the demand for packaging is relatively wide. India is also the world's largest tea producer, and the number of registered juice and beverage producers is also increasing. The bottled water market is growing at a rate of 38% per year, while the cosmetics market will grow at around 7% per year.

India is a growing plastics market that consumes nearly 12.8 million tons of plastic per year and consumes 285 million tons of plastic per year worldwide. According to a report released by India, by 2020, India's plastic packaging industry sales will more than double, reaching $73 billion, with an annual growth rate of 18%. At present, India's plastic packaging industry sales of about 32 billion US dollars, accounting for only 4% of the global plastic packaging industry. India's per capita packaging consumption is only 4.3 kg, which is very low compared to 42 kg and 19 kg in Germany and Taiwan.

In addition, in India's printing machinery and equipment market, with printing machinery equipment / sets of statistics, 2010-2011, 2813 sets of old equipment / sets, 283 sets of new equipment / sets, old equipment is 10 times the new equipment . In 2012-2013, there were 3,450 sets of old equipment and 398 sets of new equipment. Today, India's printing machinery and equipment are still dominated by old equipment, and the update speed is too slow.

India has actually become a battleground for packaging giants

At present, India has become a market that the global paper giants are vying for. Earlier, International Paper successfully entered India by acquiring a 75% stake in India's Andhra Pradesh Paper Company (APPM). It has 250,000 tons of uncoated paper production capacity; recently, including Japan's largest paper group, the Japanese prince Paper production and the world's largest tissue paper manufacturer Sweden's SCA Group's production base in India has also been put into production.

In the packaging and printing industry, Donnelley, Kodto, etc. laid out the Indian market early. In the field of equipment, many internationally renowned companies have begun to set up factories and branches in printing. Compared with the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, China’s paper and packaging printing industry, which suffers from overcapacity, seems to have not realized the huge market in India. opportunity.

In the 2018-2019, in the printing industry, the highly targeted sales of professional printing equipment knowledge on how to service, solve problems and fully understand the pain points of the industry has become more critical than ever. This may require a reassessment of existing printing machinery salespeople, perhaps replacing the GM with more specialized and experienced sales representatives, thereby providing print companies with more subtle expertise and professional high-end printing equipment. And personalized service.


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