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Join Date:  2019-05-17

said that the second half is very important, why?

On August 31st to August 2nd, we invited the excellent think tank team of Mr. Xiao from Ensheng Consulting to work together with Lisheng to plan a great career and plan for the next ten years or even longer. Development direction and planning, leading the achievements of Lisheng in the industry to gain a pivotal position and great market share, the leader.

In 2018, it was the epoch-making decade in which the Lisheng people began to carry forward the past and the past, the first decade was a successful end, and the second decade began a new journey. It was a brand new beginning, the era of the era. The voice calls for Lisheng people to develop better, faster and stronger. It is necessary to make new changes in the pace of the times, upgrade the strategy of the innovative company, reshape the company's culture, optimize the company's organization and mechanism, and build nests. Leading the phoenix, attracting more and better top talents from the industry to join the company and become a part of Lisheng Weiye;

New era, new requirements; new era, new strategy; new era, new culture; new era, new talents, new era needs change, and the future development needs change, change, change!

Mr. Zhang made an important speech on the decision on the change of Lisheng: Since 2008, Lisheng has been in existence for 10 years, and it is true that in the past ten years, the development of Lisheng has not been easy. Le and I have experienced many times. A sleepless night, all thinking in the night: How can we develop quickly, how can our products be better than others, and let customers prefer; for ten years, I always think How can we make Lisheng do a good job, how can we make Lisheng a good management, how can we create a unique selling point of Lisheng products (product selling points different from others, others can not quickly imitate and surpass the product selling point in a short time), build We stand out from the company's unique value and core competitiveness, let us win and go through a glorious decade and continue to develop;

In 2018, the world is in a state of unpredictability. Our country's political environment and economic environment have all reached a big step compared with the past. Our habits have also come to our country to enter a new era. Similarly, I have many boss friends around me. I also talked about it. Everyone feels that our current era is very different from before. We are now entering a new era, and the new era has put forward higher requirements for the development of Lisheng;

If we want to have better development, we must keep up with the pace of the times, and seek truth from facts that we must keep abreast of the times and not become orphans abandoned by the times.

Today, we held the "Strategic Organization Talents Construction" consulting project kick-off meeting, which is a good start for our "strategic organization talent construction" consulting project. Since we have decided to do consulting projects, we have to come up with no If you don't sleep, you should also do the project's tenacity and spirit. Here, I stated that we are fully committed to supporting the development of this consulting project. At the same time, I firmly believe that the company's "strategic organization talent construction" consulting project must be able to Achieving a complete success!


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