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What to do with flexo printing machine printing
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In the printing process of a flexographic printing machine, there is generally no case where the printing is blurred, but since the non-woven fabric is processed by the fiber material, it has a certain thickness. Therefore, when printing on a flexo press, the ink spreads out due to capillary action, so it is not as clear as paper.

In addition, if the user prints a PP spunbond fabric using a flexographic printing press, since it is oleophilic, if the ink viscosity is low, it will be easy to spread the ink when printed, and unclear conditions will occur. . This is also the biggest reason why flexo presses print blur in normal printing.

Then I learned the reason for the blurring of the flexographic printing machine, and then I will take you to learn the solution. In general, oily materials can increase the concentration of toners, so users can use them when printing non-woven fabrics on flexo presses. However, due to their high cost, non-woven bags that are not required for some printed fonts can be used. Oily coloring.

In addition, non-woven bags are not suitable for printing small characters. Therefore, when printing with a flexo press, it is recommended to use oily materials to increase the concentration of the toner. The clarity of the print is beautiful and refined.

Flexo presses require a high degree of flexibility and flexibility, and the line allows the size of the package to vary within a certain size range. Because the life cycle of the product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, changing the product and packaging does not replace the expensive packaging production line.

As a supporting industry in many areas of the national economy, the flexographic printing press industry has benefited from the prosperity of other industries, and the technological advancement and supporting services of flexographic printing presses can also counteract other industries. The flexographic printing machine provides advanced technical equipment for the packaging industry, ensuring high quality, high efficiency, multi-variety, low cost and high environmental protection of the packaging products, thus obtaining strong vitality and bringing huge social and economic benefits.


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